Solidarity Association



Activities about Focus Mechanism at Al-Shuhadaa School

In cooperation with Al Shuhadaa School, the Solidarity association organized activities about focus mechanisms through the use of the right to play methodology.


A Ceremony for the Students at Ein El-Helwi Center

As part of the Learning Support project, Ain Al-Hilweh Center organized a ceremony for the students to follow up their educational levels and discuss some behavioral issues with parents.


Activity at Shatella Camp Titled “Children’s Rights and Abuse Protection”

Solidarity association participated in an activity organized by the Protection Network in shatella camp.  The activity titled ” Children’s Rights and Abuse Protection”.


Classes at Buss Center within the Learning Support Project

Math, Science, Arabic and English language classes at Buss center using Active learning techniques within the learning support project.


Painting Activity at Ein El-Helwi Center

Painting activity at Ein El-Helwi center within the project of strengthening Community-Based Child Protection Gender Based Violence Intervention and Psycho-social Support in Palestinian Camps and Gatherings in Lebanon. Supported by...


Images and Terms Matching Activity at Ein El-Helwi Center

Images and terms matching activity was organized at Ein El-Helwi within the learning support project. The activity aimed to develop the children’s concentration skills and to help them recognizing new...