Solidarity Association



Psycho social support at Buss center For The Children With Special Need

Psycho social support for the children with special need within the project of strengthening Mental Health and Psycho-social Support in Palestinian Camps and Gatherings for Children, Women and Families affected...


Normal Life Return campaign at Ein El-Helwi Camp

Solidarity Association for Social and Cultural Development participated in Normal Life Return campaign in Teri area. Children expressed their feeling through many sentences that were written on big charts, such...


Panel Discussion on National Mechanisms To Protect Women From Violence

The Solidarity Society for Social and Cultural Development held a discussion table on national mechanisms for the protection of women and girls from gender-based violence at the headquarters of the...


Activities on The Occasion of the Balfour Declaration

The children of the Shatila and Nahr al-Bared centers participated in the activities of the Balfour Declaration.


A Workshop About The Respiratory System at shatella Center

Doctors without borders organized a workshop about the respiratory system at shatella center.


Awareness Sessions in Shatella Center

Awareness sessions in Shatella center about the importance of healthy foods and self hygiene.